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A Year of Living Mindfully

The practice of mindfulness at any age is both simple and profound, and research has shown that there are many benefits of mindfulness for children. It strengthens their “attention muscle” and accesses the parts of the mind that deals with focus, decision-making, and self-regulation. It helps them to recognize their emotions and empowers them to choose their response versus quickly reacting.  It supports and enhances learning, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being across the lifespan.

Our year-long mindfulness series will incorporate practices that connect children to themselves through breath work, games, stories, movement, and art with lessons designed to provide children with a solid foundation to build their own healthy self-regulation. In each class, we’ll use art to foster understanding of mindfulness, as well as empower children to utilize art as a mindfulness practice in their daily lives. We will feature different media and techniques across the year to expose children to a wide variety of mindfulness-based art experiences and we’ll provide resources and suggestions for further integration at home.

Mindfulness is simply being fully engaged in the present moment with a mindset of kindness and curiosity, but it’s a capacity that must be tapped, developed, and deepened through practice. Our goal is that by the end of year, both you and your children will have a toolkit of resources and experiences to integrate mindfulness into your relationships, bringing more presence, equanimity, gratitude, and joy into life.

Monthly Themes

January: Intro to Mindfulness: Glitter Jars

February:  Mindfulness of Breath: Watercolor Resist Paintings

March: Mindful Listening: Painting a Song

April: The Five Senses: Aromatherapy Clay Creations

May: Mindfulness of Body: Body Tracing Self-Portraits

June: Mindfulness of Thoughts: Marble Painting

July: Mindfulness of Emotions Part 1 (Awareness): Cardboard Mood Masks

August: Mindfulness of Emotions Part 2 (Responding): Mandala Printmaking

September: Cultivating Joy: Mixed Media Collage

October: Empowered Communication: Affirmation Animals

November: Gratitude: Thankful Trees

December: Kindness: Dyed Wooden Hearts

Home Extension 

Each month we’ll provide ideas for bringing mindfulness into your home, including book suggestions, games, discussion topics, and art. We’ll provide ideas for your child to use each media on their own, as well as prompts for a collaborative art journal for you and your child to work on together. This unique experience will nurture your connection with your child as you bring more presence and creativity into your daily lives.


We will meet the first Saturday of every month from 2:00-3:00 PM or the second Thursday of every month from 1:00-2:00 PM (for homeschool families).

If registering for the year, your investment each month is $15 ($180 total), which includes all materials in class and resources for home integration plus an art journal for each child to share with your family. The drop-in rate for each class is $20, which includes all materials in class and resources for home integration with the art journal prompts.

While it would be ideal to attend all of the classes, each class works as a “stand alone” workshop for children.

For children ages 4+

Space is limited and registration is available now.

Art Dog (formerly Creative Wellness Studio) is located at 19570 Amber Meadow Dr #130 in Bend.

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Private Classes and Lessons

We are honored to support our local Bend community and enjoy working with schools, sports teams, and groups of any kind. 

Rates vary by needs - please call (218) 340-3035 or email to find out more.