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The Earth Guardians program is for kids ages five to 14 to learn about living in harmony and symbiotic relationship with the earth.

Through activity and play, your little one will learn ethical principles of permaculture: Care of self, care of others, care for the land. Your child will explore gardening, nature writing, music, art, mindfulness, and cooking all under the guidance of the Earth Guardians instructors.

The goal of our goal is to provide the space where children build skills on being more loving and present. We guide and engage our students in hands-on, real-world, playful learning that speaks to not only their mind, but their body and spirit as well.

Oh, and did we mention that this program is a steal? Drop-in classes work out to three hours for $33. Space is limited. Have a question, contact us here.


For children ages 5-14.

Wednesdays from October 2nd through November 20th (no class on 10/23 or 11/6)

1:30 - 4:30 PM

Drop-in classes are available for $33 per day. Investment in the entire program costs $171 (plus a $17 materials fee). Buy all remaining classes as a pack for a rate of $28.50 for each class


  • a low student-to-teacher ratio (5:1 max);

  • one healthy, organic snack; 

  • supported time to make meaning in an intentional, enriching environment;

  • heart-centered instruction that honors the process of each child;

  • integration of mindfulness and body awareness throughout all we do;

  • plenty of time outside and;

  • inclusion in the journey of our daily food from soil to garden to kitchen to table to compost and onward!

Each class, upon arrival, children are led in mindful movement to focus their presence. We in spire them through inquiry-based activities such as sit spots, nature journaling and writing, cooking, movement and mindfulness, gardening, building, art, and music. Lessons are taught in a way that enlivens the senses, brings forth each child’s innate interests, and builds empathy.

Drop-in classes are available at $33 per day. Space is limited. Have a question, contact us here.


The Earth Guardian teachers are musicians, artists, authors, gardeners, and students:

Kaci Rae Christopher is an outdoor and garden educator who focuses on fostering transformative experiences for youth through a connection to land.

Lindsey Brodeck has a B.A. in Biology-Environmental Studies from Whitman College and recently completed her Plant-Based Culinary Chef Certification through Pure Joy Academy.

Lily Supovitz believes that a human’s ability to breathe into their body, calm their minds, and connect with the earth, is essential in our evolution towards a healthier happier world. She is passionate about helping to plant these seeds within the fertile soil of our next generation. 

Ashley Grewe is passionate about mindfulness as a modality for understanding and appropriately responding to the emotional body, cultivating an appreciation for the natural world (humans included!), and encouraging self-awareness and love.

Learn more about each instructor here.


Earth Guardians is located at Keturah, a beautiful five-acre residential property just northeast of Bend. The natural landscape ignites children’s senses and provokes their natural curiosity. There are ample trees creating shade and inviting imaginative play.

The garden space is prominent, providing unlimited opportunities to learn by doing, to observe the natural rhythms and lessons of the earth, and to celebrate the fruits of our labor with a bite out of a fresh, juicy strawberry. The deck holds places for artistic endeavors. Inside, the home is warm and familiar; offering a place to cook and gather when the weather is cooler. 

Keturah is a collaboration of community members, artists, and stewards of the earth, all coming together to create a model of what sustainable living can look like. We are building to become the first living permaculture education center in Central Oregon. Our teacher, Lily, lives on site. All residents maintain an updated background check. 

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Calling all junior earth guardians, herbalists, botanists, and nature lovers! We want you to join our After School Eco-Kids Club!

Each season, we'll gather to learn practical skills to better Mother Earth. Whether it's creating delicious recipes out of local ingredients, making zero-waste swaps for commonly used products, identifying native plant species, learning survival skills, or growing food, our hands-on classes will provide children with the tools to become mindful, sustainable citizens of our planet!

The theme for our fall session is REDUCE. Over the course of six weeks, we'll learn skills, strategies, and recipes for reducing our daily footprint.

At our first class, we'll create herbal first aid kits that are great to take on your next outdoor adventure. We'll also brainstorm and vote on what we'll create in the remaining classes - anything from natural deodorants and cleaning products, chapstick, toothpaste, bug sprays, sunscreen, and more!


This class is led by Tin Bindi. Tin is an herbalist, environmentalist, yogini, seasoned traveler, and self-proclaimed foodie. She holds a dual Bachelors of Science & Arts degree in Ecology and Sustainability Studies as well as an Associate's of Science in Outdoor Leadership.

Tin has a plethora of experience working with youth including teaching kids yoga, running seed-to-table education programs, guiding for RAD Camps, and teaching plant-based cooking as well as mindfulness and movement classes through Obsidian Education.

Currently, you can find her teaching Acro and Family Yoga at Tula Movement Arts, coaching ninja's at Free Spirit, and working with medicinal herbs at Fettle Botanic Bend.

Fall Session:

For children ages 8-12.

Mondays in October + November 4th and 18th
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
The Garden & Ora

Investment: $20 per class, including materials

Space is limited to TEN children. Register now to save your child’s spot.

Mindful Kids Night Out

This class is just for the young yogis - no parents allowed! Drop off the children for a night of movement, mindfulness, and play designed to cultivate presence of mind, heart, and body.

During our first 30 minutes together, we’ll introduce concepts of mindfulness in an easy-to-understand and playful way through breath work, games, meditation, and stories. We’ll develop children’s body awareness and self-esteem with a 60-minute movement practice which may include yoga, acroyoga, hooping, and aerial, then allow children the remainder of our time together to dance and play before winding down and preparing to get picked up. Parents return refreshed to find their kiddos exhausted and happy.

For children ages 4-12.

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Children should wear light, comfortable clothing and eat dinner prior to class, as it is not provided. Sessions:

  • Friday, October 18th

  • Friday, November 15th

  • Friday, December 13th

6:30 - 8:30 PM

Location: Tula Movement Arts, 2797 NW Clearwater Dr Ste. 100, Bend, Oregon

Investment: $20/child, per session

Class size is limited. Registration is available now!

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A Year of Living Mindfully

The practice of mindfulness at any age is both simple and profound, and research has shown that there are many benefits of mindfulness for children. It strengthens their “attention muscle” and accesses the parts of the mind that deals with focus, decision-making, and self-regulation. It helps them to recognize their emotions and empowers them to choose their response versus quickly reacting.  It supports and enhances learning, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being across the lifespan.

Our year-long mindfulness series will incorporate practices that connect children to themselves through breath work, games, stories, movement, and art with lessons designed to provide children with a solid foundation to build their own healthy self-regulation. In each class, we’ll use art to foster understanding of mindfulness, as well as empower children to utilize art as a mindfulness practice in their daily lives. We will feature different media and techniques across the year to expose children to a wide variety of mindfulness-based art experiences and we’ll provide resources and suggestions for further integration at home.

Mindfulness is simply being fully engaged in the present moment with a mindset of kindness and curiosity, but it’s a capacity that must be tapped, developed, and deepened through practice. Our goal is that by the end of year, both you and your children will have a toolkit of resources and experiences to integrate mindfulness into your relationships, bringing more presence, equanimity, gratitude, and joy into life.

Monthly Themes

January: Intro to Mindfulness: Glitter Jars

February:  Mindfulness of Breath: Watercolor Resist Paintings

March: Mindful Listening: Painting a Song

April: The Five Senses: Aromatherapy Clay Creations

May: Mindfulness of Body: Body Tracing Self-Portraits

June: Mindfulness of Thoughts: Marble Painting

July: Mindfulness of Emotions Part 1 (Awareness): Cardboard Mood Masks

August: Mindfulness of Emotions Part 2 (Responding): Mandala Printmaking

September: Cultivating Joy: Mixed Media Collage

October: Empowered Communication: Affirmation Animals

November: Gratitude: Thankful Trees

December: Kindness: Dyed Wooden Hearts


While it would be ideal to attend all of the classes, each month’s class is structured as a “stand alone” workshop for children. Space is limited and registration is available now for $20 per class.

For children ages 4+

Location: Art Dog (formerly Creative Wellness Studio) is located at 19570 Amber Meadow Dr #130 in Bend.