Obsidian Education provides educational experiences for children. We focus on the mind, body, spirit, and the whole self. We cultivate connection to themselves, the natural world, and to their community.

We offer hands-on classes for children ages 3-15 in Bend, Oregon as well as digital resources that can be downloaded and used anywhere. Check out the current classes ->

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Cultivating care and compassion for themselves and other forms of life through movement, self-awareness, and gratitude.

Food cycle

Learning about, growing, and eating delicious and nourishing food that shows their body and the planet love.


Connecting them to the perfection of mother nature and taking action to create a sustainable community and planet.

“Obsidian Education is at the forefront of what education can and should be. You will not regret signing your children up for programs that truly connect children back to their wild nature... while also learning important mindfulness and wellness practices to gain the tools necessary for life-long healthy habits, self-love, and self-empowerment.” - Anna U.